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Itaewon area

Itaewon nightlife Seoul
Itaewon bars restaurants Seoul


Itaewon is the widely understood center for international restaurants in Seoul. Expect to find cuisines from both Eastern Europe (Serbian, Bulgarian restaurant) and Western Europe (French, Spanish restaurant), just about anything in Asia possible, and even a few American style breakfast joints. South American and African foods haven't been missed either with a number of restaurants sporting their tastes becoming hugely popular. 


Itaewon is also famous for its nightlife. Foreigners have known for some time but even the locals are starting to flock to Itaewon on for the weekend. Itaewon is the most popular for mid to late 20s through to late 30s so expect to find an eclectic range of drinking establishments including pubs, wine bars, hip-hop clubs, salsa clubs, lounges and cafes, perfect for any demographic or partying taste. 

Namsan park Seoul Korea
Hangang river Seoul Korea


Namsan Park makes a serene and beautiful center to the bustling Seoul metropolis. Excellent for a leisurely walk, Namsan boasts a plethora of flora and fauna to ease your eyes. For the athletic, a run to the top can take about 30minutes to an hour depending on your pace. There are also various outdoor gyms along the way free for public use if you wish for a decent exercise. For a shortcut to the top the cable car makes the trip nice and easy where you can go up the Seoul tower for a small fee. Do go on a clear day though to guarantee a beautiful view of the city.

Itaewon is located only 10 minutes from the Hangang River, the famous divide separating the northern and southern sides of the city. An excellent path runs along either side of the river great for walks, and at various junctions along the river you can hire a bicycle for a small fee, great for a day trip.

At night the Banpo Bridge (directly south of Itaewon along the Hangang) has beautiful light shows to complement a nighttime stroll. 

Seoul Central Mosque Korea

Seoul Central Mosque built in 1969 is Korea’s only mosque. The mosque is open to both Korean Muslims and Muslim tourists and prayers are conducted five times a day, each one lasting about 10 - 15 minutes. It takes about 10 minutes by foot from Itaewon Inn to mosque.


Middle Eastern and Halal cuisine

For those wanting to try Middle Eastern cuisine or those seeking halal alternatives, the immediate area surrounding the mosque as well as various restaurants in Itaewon exclusively stock halal meals perfect for Muslim travellers. 



Quick guide through Seoul

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